Early Theological Treatises

As the page title suggests, the works offered in this section are theological in nature. They were written when I was very young, beginning during high school and, if I remember correctly, finishing just after my freshman year of college. As such, these works reflect attitudes and perspectives that I had at that time of their writings.

It may be obvious to those that know me personally, or through other means, that I have abandoned or reworked many of the concepts discussed within these works. Still, in many ways, their creation marks a foundational time in my life when I was trying to make sense of the world around me and my place within it. As such, they often use or allude to some very personal occurrences that were, and still are, fundamental to my on-going religious exploration and personal development. In short, I believe that they may offer a foreshadowing of the man I have become today. A man who has turned out much different than the young author presented here could ever have imagined.

It should be noted that the works are presented, with minor layout changes, as they had originally been written and in chronological order. Since these works initially went through various editing cycles that culminated in a brief publishing on a prior website many years ago, it is possible that there may be several versions of the works in various hands. The versions I offer here are my personal copies in their finalized forms. They are in .pdf format. If you care to read them offline, hover over the link and right-click "Save Link As".

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